Why We Exist

Thousands of children and their families have been blessed by Candle Wishes since 2002. Countless children have experienced the thrill of receiving their first bike or that special toy they dreamed of having. Numerous parents have felt the relief and joy of having their child's wishes granted and their needs met during a time of hardship. But more important than any material gifts are the spiritual and emotional blessings Candle Wishes participants receive. A child hears for the first time at a Candle Wishes party that Jesus loves him unconditionally. A parent who doubts that the world cares about his family is encouraged because he sees that their well-being is important to the community. Those touched by Candle Wishes not only gain happy birthday memories but learn that they are loved and valued by their fellow man and by their Creator.

Many of the families participating in Candle Wishes have multiple birthday children and they attend more than one party throughout the year. As a result, Candle Wishes volunteers are able to build relationships with these families. These relationships often develop into an investment in the lives of the families because volunteers discover other needs going unmet. Candle Wishes is able to connect these families with local churches and other organizations that can assist them with needs beyond what Candle Wishes can provide.

Through working with birthday children and their families, the lives of Candle Wishes volunteers are also being impacted. When a family sponsors a birthday child it creates a teachable moment through which their children can learn the importance of helping those in need. When a school group hosts a monthly party, the youth learn that there are children with desires just like them who do not have all the material blessings they take for granted. When a group works together to benefit Candle Wishes they are reminded that the actions of a few can improve the lives of many. By working directly with the recipients of their goodwill, Candle Wishes volunteers experience first hand the joy of helping others and that motivates them to seek other ways they can be a force for good. That desire to pay-it-forward makes a community a better place in which to live.