My Birthday Matters

A Special Day

My birthday. It is a very personal day, isn’t it? It’s a day designed to celebrate ME and my life. And, we know there are so many children who may not see their birthday to be any different than the other 364 days of the year. There isn’t a party, and there aren’t gifts or candles to blow out on a birthday cake. This day that should be one of the best days of the year is just another day.

Candle Wishes has set out to love people the way Jesus loves them, recklessly and unconditionally. We want children all over the country who are suffering to know their incredible worth in the eyes of God. And, we want to put our love into action by celebrating their birthdays and giving them a birthday experience they will remember forever.

As your own birthday approaches, you might consider doing something crazy and taking a day that should be all about you and making it all about these children. This is an incredible act of selflessness and sacrifice. So, this year, let’s all say “My Birthday Matters” together so that children who live a daily life of struggle can, on their special day, say “I Matter”. They do, they matter to all of us.

HOW you can say “My Birthday Matters”

1. Sponsor a child during your birthday month for your local chapter.
2. Raise money for Candle Wishes via a Facebook birthday fundraising campaign or another method.
3. Ask family and friends to give toys, clothes or funds for Candle Wishes in lieu of gifts for you.
4. Contact Candle Wishes to get the first name of a child who shares your birthday month who you can pray for on their special day.
5. Sign up to give $10/month as a recurring donation, and over the course of one year, these funds can pay for the birthday wishes and needs of a child!