Sponsor a Party

Candle Wishes is in need of groups to sponsor the monthly birthday parties for the needy children and their families. Each month, the birthday party is such an amazing event for not only the participating families but for the donors and volunteers as well. The birthday party each month is a celebration of the children's lives and an expression of Candle Wishes' desire to make their birthdays special and memorable.

How does my group become a Party Sponsor and what is involved?

Party sponsors provide the food (ex: pizza, sandwiches, hotdogs), cake, paper products, and drinks for the families who attend. Candle Wishes provides games for the children to play.

Attendance ranges depending on the chapter location and month. Candle Wishes provides a more accurate number once your group chooses your month to sponsor.

The party location is determined on an individual basis.

If your group would like to sign up to sponsor a Candle Wishes birthday party or would like more information, please fill out the form below. Thank you!

Sponsor a Party